Customizable Workflow

Customize buddybuild to meet the needs of your mobile development CI/CD workflow.

Customize buddybuild to accommodate your workflow

With built-in integrations for popular tools that teams already use, buddybuild "just works" as a complete continuous integration and deployment solution. However, we know that teams have unique requirements for their build processes — often a custom integration with a system or tool that is specific to the team’s build process. For those teams, buddybuild can be infinitely extended and customized.
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Rich support for pull requests

Buddybuild triggers a new build of your app whenever a pull request is opened and when new commits are added to an existing pull request. For both pull requests and cross-repo pull requests, buddybuild builds the pull request merge commit and updates the commit status in GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. This ensures that you know that the pull request is safe to merge.

Build and deploy on a schedule that works for your team

Buddybuild’s CI/CD system builds and deploys your app with every git push or on a schedule set by your team. You can specify the days, times, and timezones for when builds should be generated and when groups of beta testers receive a new build of your app. This makes sure that the right version of your app is distributed to the right people at the right time.